Friday, September 4, 2009

Moab lovin

Ash and I at the Bonneville Salt flats on our way home from San Francisco. That darling little hairy guy is named Goose - greatest traveler in the world. (No offense Perky, but you just don't
have the experience) (No offense either to you Blue, you're too big for your own good, it hurts when you sit on the driver's lap and it's quite unsafe)

Sexy if you ask me.
Salt flats do something
to the skin.

We stopped at a graveyard to eat some lunch and play frisbee. Goose was enjoying his meal
so much we decided to join his style and drop the spoons.

Great photo of JJ and the L.A. temple.

Oh yeah, and Shandon Miles Gubler and his new wife.

We are going to blow this one up big and give it to them on their first anniversary.

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