Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Longboarding = Crime

I was on my way to psychology from the financial aid office, it was a sunny day, I was listening to Sufjan Stevens, just leisurely boarding along, when I noticed a police car. I thought to myself, when was the last time I got pulled over? Hmmm two days ago, for my cracked windshield and not stopping for a pedestrian, my bad dad :). The only way I got out of a ticket for both, was that earlier that day I ran into Police Chief Brewer, my old scout master, and his cop friend, who turned out to be the guy who pulled me over. I got off with a warning that time. I thought all of this as I notice the cop rolling down his window, I turn off my ipod just in time to hear him say, "Can I talk to you for a minute?" I thought, oh no, i did something wrong. I lean my head down so I can see the cop, and guess who it is? The exact same cop who I saw with the chief, and the one who pulled me over. He asked me if I knew that there was no skateboarding on campus, I said no, truthfully. He told me that it was and that I was skateboarding where I shouldn't be. I wanted to correct him and tell him that I was longboarding, not skateboarding, but I thought that it wouldn't go over well. He asked for my name and birthday to check if I had any warrants. Of course I didn't. He then got a call from Police chief Brewer asking him why he was giving me trouble again. After 20 minutes of him checking my record and the phone call and him talking to me about continuing my education, he sent me on my way. Personally I don't see why I can't longborad around campus, but those are the rules. That is the first thing I have disagreed with since I got here, but we will see if we can get that changed. I am also trying to get some foursquare down here too. The white rhino will become intercollegiat!!!

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Scott Abbott said...

Wow, I had no idea either.
Crimes should be crimes.
Longboarding is fun and environmentally friendly and is not a crime.
Good thing you know the head guy!