Monday, July 27, 2009

our new RN

this link should let you access the page that states that Ellen Abbott is now a registered nurse. with the minimum of 75 questions they were able to tell that ellenoir was nurse material and so decided that they didn't need to continue. you can go up to 300 questions if there are some doubts. with ellenoir none. a possibly 6 hour test done in an hour and a half. that is my genius of a wife. we're excited to see all you guys and sad to be further away from tom and kels but love you all. just wanted to share some love

nate, ellie, simon, phineas

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This one's for Nate

Found this beauty today in the Special Collections of the University of Wyoming -- a card advertising one of the two main kinds of barbed wire, Haish's "S" Barb. The Latin (oops, it's French!) over by the EUREKA! says if you think this is dirty, it's because you have a dirty mind. Click on the photo and you'll get a larger version to look at.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


ohh and happy birthday tom, number 30, here's a shot from the big time

the penis diaries

We were sitting and enjoying our sabbath afternoon; simon was running upstairs to wash his hands and face, i was getting a penny to access our skittle machine, and ellie was changing phin's diaper. Ellie asked me to come over and look at phin's penis to acertain that everything was as it should be, i commented that i was probably the right person to call over because i made a habit of looking at little boys penises. she came back with, well you've got one, and i replied that i knew how it looked now and luckily my mother ahad taken a yearly photo of it since the age of one so that i would have it recorded. then i realized that she hadn't. it was just some wish that i had of having such a record that caused me to vocalize the thought as a fact. so this post is to ask a question of all to see if they wish they had such a record?
happy sabbath
the abbotts

Thomas, Happy Birthday!

Can't tell exactly what year this was, but it was before Tom could write. Note the fine, generous wish at the end. A sweetheart at an early age!