Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mom's Recovering

well, today was the day we were waiting for.
Yesterday Mom took two tiny steps during physical therapy. Today she waltzed (hopped, winced) all the way down the parallel bars (maybe 12 feet).
Yesterday she basically sat or lay in a daze. Today she did a complete crossword puzzle.
Yesterday she was without hearing aid and glasses. Today she had a new battery for the hearing aid and the Shumways brought her a pair of completely mended glasses, courtesy of their optometrist.
Yesterday it took two people to lift her off the bed into the wheelchair to go to dinner. Today a single nurse helped her into the wheelchair.
Yesterday she was too tired to eat dinner in the dining room so she lay in bed and ate almost nothing of her dinner. Today she made it to the dining room for all three meals.
In short, it was a much better day.
If you want to call her, her phone number is 801.357.2673. The last four numbers are her room number.
If you want to visit her, she's in the rehabilitation wing on the south side of the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center and the visiting hours are 5‑9 Monday through Saturday and all day on Sunday.

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