Thursday, January 24, 2013

I spent part of the weekend in Saint George enjoying wonderful weather and beautiful rides, the picture is the look out at Barrel Roll.  On the way back I stopped in Beaver and found this wonderful little local beverage at the Gas station with the absolute nicest gas station bathroom I have ever been in.  And then there are my three beauties that I was trying to get to hug each other for the picture, even though it looks like Phin is trying to chock Lemon, Simon is hiding, and Lemon is doing a crazy jaw thing.  Three and one on the way.  They make me hold my breath and wonder that I get to enjoy their lives, both the good and the bad.  I love you Dad and this is the first of my weekly posts this year.

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Scott Abbott said...

looks gnarley, that country. and your kids are the best! well, the best ALONG WITH my other grandkids.

thanks for the post. love you