Friday, January 25, 2013

Going North

This week I made the decision to return to the great white north of Skagway. I've been trying to decide between moving to Long Beach CA, or back to Skagway, and after looking at housing prices in Long Beach, it wasn't that hard of a decision. $750 a month for a one bedroom one bathroom apt. is too pricey for my blood. My boss was pleased to hear of my return and told me there was always room for me up there, which is always nice to hear. Turns out hard work does actually pay off, now just to transition my hard work to school. Fall 2013 was the goal to go back to UVU, and that is still the plan. Im not sure where Im gonna live once I get back, if the frontrunner schedule works out then I'll probably still live up here in Salt Lake, but if that doesn't work then its back to good ole' Orem. Im lookin forward to another great summer, and if anyone wants to visit I'll gladly hook you up with $150 train tickets for free :)

1 comment:

Scott Abbott said...

pretty picture!

good planning ahead!

and thanks for the offer of a free train ride!

your admiring papa