Thursday, September 27, 2012


Kelsey just sent this beautiful photo:

And with Sam flying off to Spain this morning, Ben and his family in Fairbanks, Tom and his in Connecticut, and the rest of you busy with your families and careers, I've been thinking about family.

Last night I told Maren and Tim and Sam that I worry about each of you when I can't sleep at night. Sam said "it's not all about you" and Tim asked which one I worry about most and I said Tony and I thought they were right to make fun of me.

Okay, so I'll continue to worry, which is also a form of wishing for the best for you guys. But the flip side is that I'm also very proud of you. I admire you deeply.

In short, worries and admiration and awe and hope add up in some way to love and family.


Sam said...

I know I'm doing good things when I keep you up at night. I was just thinking today how much I would love to travel in Europe with you at some point in the near future. Let's make a plan. Visit Zarko and such.

Rachel said...

I'm curious what you worry about. It's kind of like family gossip.

This has been fun to revisit the blog and see it's still going even when I don't check in on it.