Monday, September 10, 2012

After the end of the world

I dreamt last night that we were all moving into Nate and Ellie's place after breakdown of the world economy. It was kind of like a mix between Waterworld and the Swiss Family Robinson. To get into the family compound you had to climb into a basket and pull yourself up a rope. Inside we all gathered in a cluttered entryway to rifle through the items we had found on the side of the roads. One leather boot. One tennis glove. One frayed bungee.

We had plenty of food and we weren't in fear, in fact it seemed like our biggest problem was just keeping busy. We spent our time growing food and having long dinners around tables made from industrial sized wooden spools.

When everything falls apart I hope we can make this dream happen. Where should we rendez-vous? How will we get in contact with each other? What skills do you each bring to the table?

1 comment:

Scott Abbott said...

i'll do any translating from the german that's needed.

and i'm good at table conversation, especially if the tables are wooden spools.