Sunday, March 15, 2009


I got back from Zion on friday night. I sat on the couch as soon as I got into my apt. I was still in my coat and sweats. Logan is SOOO cold. It snowed 14 inches in the valley over the break! When it was my turn to get in the shower I rushed in and stripped. I hadn't seen my naked body in a week, and it was kinda wierd. I got in and washed my nasty hair, and the water ran dark with the dirt that had slowly replaced my clean skin over the week. The work we did wasn't as hard as I had expected and even hoped. We were originally going into the backcountry to cut out Tamarisk, but because of the weather, the Park Rangers cancelled the trip. We worked everyday except for sunday and friday, our two free days. We pulled up Mullen in a canyon the first day, easy work, but it took all day, and we got the whole canyon. I didnt even know it was an invasive species. Tuesday we pulled and cut Tamarisk. It was a hike to get to where we worked, and then we hiked up the stream destroying any Tamarisk that we saw. The stream caused some problems for my not waterproof shoes, but I figured it out and worked in the dry spots. Wednesday we picked up trash on "KT" road. 8 mile strecth, with two people per two miles. It felt like a lot more than two though. There were so many pieces of trash, bed frames, tires, millions of beer cans/bottles, and lots of various things. We hiked to some petroglyphs for lunch, very cool. Thursday we re-built rabbit proof fences for a re-veg site. I decided that I hate working with wire. I got to know our crew of 8 much better throughout the week. We had a great time! We hiked Angels Landing, Observation Point, The Watchmen Trail, and Weaping Rock, all very cool, but I liked Observation Point the most.

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Scott Abbott said...

Tim, those are fantastic photos, and your description of the trip is wonderful. I wondered during that week how the weather was treating you.