Wednesday, March 25, 2009

As much snow as Ingrid is tall

She was only breastfeeding last week and now she's a telemarker. We thought we'd get our little polar bear ready for Fairbanks so we went to "The Beav" this afternoon after Sam, Tim and my grueling practical logic test. After barely making it up Logan Canyon, Rache had some hookups and we got up the lift for free. Once on the lift I realized there was a lot to hold on to and I lost a glove into the two feet of new powder. On the bright side I still had the baby there in my arms. The snow was as good as snow has ever been. Rachel got so excited about the whole thing that when we went back to the lodge she yanked her pants down to her knees (she was actually trying to strip down to feed Ingrid but the thirty people in the lodge didn't know that--maybe that's how we got in for free).

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Scott Abbott said...

sacre merde! elle est formidable!