Sunday, September 7, 2008

Yes we can

Go to and search for a video called "Yes we can".
It might just affect you.
I believe it.
Post some comments on what you think about it. And let's all vote.


Scott Abbott said...

Thanks Sam. I supported Obama during the primary with a couple of $25 donations. I'm tired of being a citizen of a country that tortures its captives, that sends other captives to Syria and Egypt to be tortured, that thinks the Geneva Convention is "quaint," that squanders our resources in occupying Iraq while lying about why we are there, and that gives huge tax breaks for the wealthiest while providing no health care for the neediest. John McCain promises to keep up most of Bush's policies. Barack Obama promises to change many of them.

Unknown said...

Sam, i loved this video! I had it on my facebook account awhile ago, but then facebook changed & the video disappeared! anyways, i think it's completely true that, YES WE CAN change our country & better ourselves & become more united. Thanks for the link.. loveyou, mar