Friday, September 5, 2008

What Dad does when we aren't watching

These are the results of a demolition derby held May 24, 2008. Talk to dad if you have questions, because I was a clueless as the rest of you that he does this kind of thing...

May 24, 2008

-Rabbit Rumble

Car Winners:
1st Scott Abbott '77 New Yorker
2nd Randall Brown '73 Dodge Polara
3rd Jarrod Lazenby '76 Chrysler New Yorker
Truck winners:
1st Tyson Mcpherson Chev Pickup
2nd Dustin Sabey Suburban
3rd Tyrel Kessler Dodge Pickup


Scott Abbott said...

I have always tried to keep this part of my life secret. Is it because I'm running for vice president that you're digging up these dark secrets? And now that I know you're looking, I should confess a couple of other things: 1. I was a co-inventor of Trivial Pursuit. 2. I'm a singing minister. 3. I'm a golfer. 4. and so on.

Unknown said...

haha!! Dad, you should really invite us to one of your crash up derbys.. We'd be your biggest fans!! , but then again, it's always nice to have a "private life" haha:) loveyou!!!!!!!!!!!