Friday, March 21, 2008

Cold March

Very blustery here today. Sunny but cold. I've been practicing while the radio is on, I heard Sam Rivers did that, to help focus his concentration, so lately I have a mix of current events and chords and scales bouncing around in my head.

Here's a short audio clip from my last solo performance (Delancey St. on the F Train, Uptown platform.)


Scott Abbott said...

Hey Tom. Your music is haunting and thought provoking. Unfortunately for me, one of the thoughts it's provoking is "what the hell is that tune?" Help me!

Tom said...

"Mormon Heritage" is a tune I composed, though it seems to have had the same effect on you as on me--I'm sure there are excerpts of other tunes, hymns, etc. in there, which is why you think you recognize it, and why i named it "Mormon Heritage."