Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sorry I missed most of February.  Here are a couple of updates.  Ellie's just about a month out on the new baby.  She mentioned the other day that I don't understand how hard it is for her to get out of bed.  A little, well super nervous, but still excited.  Don't know if it's a boy or a girl so haven't really set on a name yet.  Suggestions and guesses are welcome.  Ellie said we needed to get the bathroom done before the baby comes so we're in the middle of that right now. 

Went and saw Kade play on Monday and was super impressed at his mad skills.  It was fun for the boys to watch(half the time, the other half they played tag) and see how soccer is supposed to be played.  Simon came home saying that number one he wanted Kadon on his team and then also that he wanted to play.  Way excited. 

Simon set up the basement the other day using the top picture as a guide.  He had drawn it and included forests, swamps, mountains, enemies, etc.  and was setting the basement up to reflect his map.  I love kids.  It made me so happy watching him create this world and then play in it.  It made me think when was the last time I had created a wonderful world to live within. 

If you guys follow this link and then click on Conference agenda you'll see someone you know in the Saturday breakout session.

Love you guys.  Hopefully see you at Grandmas.



Scott Abbott said...

Dramatic before and after pictures.

Looks like a wonderful conference. Congratulations and Gute Reise.

Rachel said...

ralph or sally.
such beautiful names.

Scott Abbott said...

i mistook the before one for the after one but can't wait to see the third iteration (and the baby!).