Monday, November 12, 2012

Good News!

Punctum Books, out of Brooklyn, has just agreed to publish American versions of two books published in Belgrade by Zarko and myself.




Benabbo said...

Congrats pappa!

Benabbo said...

I think I've heard about the second book. Is it about a clan of vampires and werewolves that live in Washington and develop a tentative alliance to protect themselves against vampires from Italy? If so, nice work.

Scott Abbott said...

that's part of it ben, along with the vampires that emerge from the yugoslav civil wars and might originate in america but when the narrator visits our house in orem realizes we're not the cause of the problem.

Sam said...

Ya, I´ve heard of that.


Always wanted a way famous dad. Sorry, a way more famouser dad.

Scott Abbott said...

this is the book, of course, that has the encounter with the man in the republic of serbia, who says he has read my book.

so you're the one, i say.

no, he replies quickly, there are two of us. the town librarian gave it to me.

if 100 people buy the book it will be a grand success.