Friday, August 24, 2012

Just wanted to say a little thank you to you guys.  Mar and B sweet get together two weeks ago, meant to tell you after but it was way nice to get together.

Dad, thanks for having a birthday party, and thanks lyn for setting it up.  Dad, we've got your present at our house along with some notes from the boys that we forgot to bring to the restaurant.  Love you so much, I helped Daniel Hardman(?) yesterday in the shop switch out a tire.  He works under Sam at UVU.  I don't remember his last name exactly but he lives just at the mouth of Provo canyon by mama chiu's.  He said hi and we had a nice conversation about biking and language while I helped him out.   

On that note the shop is looking for online review and I get a little bonus if you leave one and mention my name in the review.  Not that I don't get paid the big bucks at MDC but a little extra is always appreciated.  If you guys go to here . All you have to do is click on the write a review and tell about your Maddog experience. 

Love you guys and thanks for being our family.  Sam it was nice to see you down at the DJ'ing wonderfulness at Mar's shop.  Best dance party ever. 

Lastly I've talked with some of you about doing a monthly little get together, similar to Grandma's, just an excuse to get together and play, or hang out, or whatever.  When would work with you guys?  Let me know and I'll try set up the first one.  Low pressure like I said just an excuse in our busy lives to reconnect.  Otherwise it can be hard to see each other. 

Simon just started 1st grade at my school and I asked him how it was going and He said, "I fraking love it.  I like the Chinese teacher even though all the other kids hate her." why do they hate her? "well they just don't ever know what she's saying."  Love my kids.  

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Scott Abbott said...

nate, you're the current champ of our blog. sure do love reading and seeing what you've been thinking.

i'll go to the mad dog site.

was it dan fairbanks (who lives at the mouth of provo canyon) you talked to?

he's a good biologist (two books about evolution) and a fine sculptor and painter.

and the idea of getting together monthly is a good one!

i'd love to see simon in class.