Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Solar Eclipse!

Alrighty family, for those of us in Utah, we are in for a treat his sunday. We get to view the annular eclipse!!!! There hasn’t been an annular eclipse visible from the US since 1994. The next annular eclipse visible from the western US won’t be until 2023.
Now if you want to view this natural wonder, you need proper eye protection. You can buy eclipse glasses at the Clark Planetarium, or you can make a pin hole projector out of household items. Instructions to make the projector are on Youtube, as well as on planetarium's website.
Above is what the Salt Lake area should see if it is a clear day, time is estimated.
 Now within the Blue lines is gonna be the best view, but as you can see it is pretty far south. Honestly it should be worth the drive if you have the time, but its gonna be rad anywhere south of Salt Lake.
Just south of Cedar City is the "Sweet Spot" The Red line on the map is where the moon will be perfectly in the center of the sun, causing the "Ring of Fire" that is above.
Even if you don't drive down to see it, at least figure out a way to view it. The viewfinder on your camera is not safe to look through. Please remember that looking into the sun will do irreversible damage to your eyes! Spend 15 minutes building a pinhole projector, or spend some dough on Eclipse glasses, this is gonna be epic family, and I don't know about you guys, but I don't wanna miss this!  The next annular eclipse visible from the western US won’t be until 2023!!!!!!! So now is our chance to see something most people don't get to. I love you all and hope all is well.


Sam said...

Neerd. Let's go to st George

Scott Abbott said...

tim, looks like an amazing chance. we're going to be in lost wages on that day, outside the blue lines, but i bet we'll still see a partial version, won't we?

Benabbo said...

Can you see it from Fairbanks?