Tuesday, November 15, 2011

something to do while working

So I took a child's shoe today. I feel, as I reflect, that it might not have been the most teacherly thing to do. But I think he won't be taking his shoes off in my class any more.

We were reviewing some phrases in the middle school novice class and Jonah, a sixth grader, decided it was time to take off his shoe and spin it by one shoelace. i asked him to put back on. He did.

I think he got it out again fairly quickly and continued to practice, because when I looked again he was confidently showing his little group of friend his newly discovered and honed shoe spinning skills. At this point I took his shoe and told him he could pick it up before his seventh hour p.e. class if he needed it.

He learned today that there is no shoe spinning in Mr. Abbott's Chinese class. None at all.

on another note I would love feed on the website I'm putting together for the language program here at Renaissance. click on the title and peruse. love you guys

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Scott Abbott said...

classroom discipline is different between college and elementary school; but it's always a problem. like the student who buries herself in her laptop and 50 minutes later has no idea what we've been talking about. maybe i'll take her shoe next time.

i'll take a look at the website. what i saw of it in you presentation looked interesting.