Saturday, June 18, 2011


Dear Family, I haven't forgotten about you!!! I am absolutely lovin Alaska and Skagway. Its a land of fives, Five blocks wide, Five churches, Five bars, and Five policeman. Im working 5 days a week, starting at 6:45 and ending at about 4:00 doing two tours a day, but once a week I get a three train day, 6:45 to about 8:00, epic long day, but the work is easy and very rewarding. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!!! I miss you all. We are only aloud 30 GB's of internet use, and we split it with 13 people, so any photo's I want to upload I have to do it from the Library, but I will cheat this one time since I haven't had a computer up here till now. Im gonna send down a package for everyone to split, DVD's of the train ride and all that< so you can see exactly what I see everyday. Everywhere I look is straight out of a post card, whether its the mountains that are right across the street, or the old cottonwood tree with a heart carved into it right out my window. Everyone I work with is AWESOME!!! It being a small town, we make our own fun. Last night we had a fire on the beach and had foot races, played baseball with a beer can for the ball and a stick for the bat, accuracy contests by throwing rocks at can targets on boulders, log toss, which is hurling a big log as far as you can, lumberjack style, which Sam gave me the idea for with his "Man Contests", and finally "Coal Catch" hacky sack with your hands, but instead of the sac, you have a hot coal. I meet freakin cool people all day long and enjoy some of the best views I have seen in a long time. Dadio, you said that maybe I would get bored with the views, but everyday I notice new things, and watching the area change with the seasons gives you a new look everyday. I was recently informed that if I wanted my job back I would have to jump into the lake at the WhitePass Summit on September 27th, its gonna be COLD!! I love you guys and miss you, and will be better at returning phone calls.

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Scott Abbott said...

Hey Tim! Thanks for the update. You paint a wonderful word picture (and the photo is hauntingly beautiful as well).

As for getting bored of the view -- I've been wrong plenty of times before and this one is a good one to be wrong about.

Keep on truckin'!

love you,