Saturday, November 6, 2010

President in my city

First of all, there is no way this is my city. The Salvation Army hostel we checked into for 5 dollars a night was filled with equally ambitious, equally sweaty, and equally non-original travelers. Nothing stirs up the mud in my vision of individual experience like a bunch of tourists crowding the same streets I'm crowding. Not to mention the 20 odd million people who have sense enough to reside here permanently. Clearly, Mumbai is not my city. But, it is not Obama's either, and he drove through it, right past our crowded touristy hostel, and kept us from our room for several hours. Poor guy needs an entourage to get him anywhere. I'm glad I'm not the president.


Scott Abbott said...

can't believe you're really in Mubai.
What sights and sounds and tastes you must be experiencing.
Keep us posted.

Unknown said...

Incredible adventure, once again;) Loveyou sammy!