Monday, April 19, 2010

sunday in orem enzyte

Sunday was a pretty fantastic day. As we sat in a cushy pew and listened to the speaker I tried to manage Phin and Simon while Ellie finished up her sunday school lesson. Phin spit his nookie out I managed to grab it before it hit the ground. Rather then dealing with side pockets I slipped it in to my breast pocket and started to chuckle. Ellie, "What?" Nate, "hm hmh hm hm hm." Ellie, " What?" Nate, " Look what I put in my pocket." Ellie, "What?" Nate, " I put a fake nipple in my breast pocket. hm hm hm hm."
Later while the sunday school president was introducing the new class," Next week we're going to be starting the new family enhancement class." Nate," What type of enhancement?" Wink wink. Many testing chuckles sound through the room as people picture the guy from the male enhancement commercials winking and diving into the pool only to lose his shorts and be shyly admired by all the women at the party.
Needless to say that paired with ellie's great lesson involving my tow new birthday nerf swords and our push broom shaft as props made it the greatest sabbath ever. Love you guys


Scott Abbott said...

almost makes me want to visit church again!

Sam said...

Almost makes me want to have a kid!