Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More THanksgiving Pics

Here lies a dead mouse,

lifted from hiding by Jasmine the cat,

killed out of sport,

left to become jerky on the hot cement.

Less respect than ugly ankles at a fashion show.

Here lies a dead mouse,

found by four eight-year olds,

bored with a sharp stick.

Stabbed it through the hips.

Less respect than a long haired boy at a Mormon church.

Discussion of death, diseases,

why not touch dead things?

Somber kids repenting of curiosity,

a consensus to tribute this dead mouse’s life with

a shrine

Here lies a dead mouse,

buried under stubborn dirt,

sharp pine needles defending the body,

batteries scattered on top giving energy to the deceased,

a cross built with a sharp stick,

orange shadow across the dirt,

a cardboard sign announcing

“Here Lies a Dead Mouse”

with four arrows pointing down.

A little respect.