Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Discourse on eggs

In the course of a week I've experienced a portion of the spectrum of influence eggs can have on a human body. Wednesday night was a dinner-date with Dan at our house. Healthy, cheesy, well-spiced eggs were the centerpiece and Dan commented that he knows no one who can cook eggs like I can. My body reacted happily and I felt invincibly proteined. Monday brought a different tune to the music of my universe. I experienced elated independence as I cooked a no milk, no eggs chocolate cake that tasted divine - simply proving to myself the ability I have to live beyond the chickens' grasp. But then scrambled eggs with Dan were on the menu once again. Twenty-five minutes after the meal was consumed we both began investing a large portion of our afternoons to toilet-time. We'd angered the egg gods somehow and were punished sorely. Maybe it was my cake.

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Scott Abbott said...

so sam, i read your eggy discourse and am concerned about the stress on your toilet and amazed by your culinary abilities and finally, confused: are you dating dan now instead of ashley?