Sunday, August 2, 2009

Work, Fire and Freetime

Fire on the other side of the Tanana. Check out the candy cane pole for McDonalds--it's in North Pole.

Here's how we get Ingrid around.

And here she is hangin' out sitting by the Chena and Laughing on the swing.

Now that I'm in the Jones' Lab I have some responsibilities supplementary to the Toolik trips. Here's I be checking discharge at the confluence of Caribou and Poker Creeks about 45 minutes outside of Fairbanks down the Steese.

Ingrid loves peas.
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Scott Abbott said...

Ben, no sooner did I respond to your Economist email with a "send more information about what you're up to" than I find these phine fotos on our blog. many thanks. they're wonderful.