Monday, April 20, 2009

New Article in the Literary Traveler

Check out the latest (from Zarko's and my first book), just published, HERE. For a while it will be their feature article. 


Sam said...

Is the picture on your goalie's anxiety blog from your travel with Zarko? You mention in your article

"Zarko photographs the goalies. We'll analyze their faces later for the anxiety Handke describes in his early novel."

I need to read more of your stuff Dad. I'm in love with this piece.

Sam said...

"On a ridge we stand at the edge of a newly planted field and look back and forth into two valleys. In the stillness I hear, for the first time in my life, the low call of a cuckoo. I will be 40 this summer."

Wow Dad.

Scott Abbott said...

Sam, it means a lot that you like this. Thank you. And yes, that picture of the goalie on my blog is from this trip.