Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Four and a Half Abbotts at.............. the Library

Oh it felt good to sit around chatting, Ben, Tim, Rachel, Small soon-to-be baby, and I. We had to whisper because it's quiet in the Merrill-cazier library. Ben helped me with a math problem, we just tried every possibility on the problem and through the process of elimination figured out something of an answer. Tim laughed, and Rachel and the baby encouraged us to succeed. I froze this morning, oh it's going to be a cold winter, and it maybe could not get better than it is... Yeah, if only Joe, Tracy, the kids, Mar, Brandon, the kids, Tom, Kelsey, Nate, Ellie, the kid, and a couple parents were here it might top what we've got... but, we can all look at the same stars, and I think the same moon.

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Scott Abbott said...

Sam, you're a poet, evoking the stars and moon and library and unborn children and community and math!